4 Best Men’s Cologne of All Time

Cologne is like a signatory cover for any man’s personality. The smell of good cologne can win all hearts and make one look the most attractive. Basically, along with all the great dressing sense and styling, only cologne with amazing smell completes and in fact enhances the look. 

Choosing the right kind of cologne with the right combination of ingredients can take you a long way ahead. Be it that important presentation where you need to make a great impact or that important woman whom you want to impress on your dream date, great smelling colognes always provide that extra bit of attraction factor that will boost up your chances of success like anything. If you are looking for the best men’s cologne of all time, then look no further than this. Here is a list of colognes that are both stylish and classy:

  • Dior Eau Sauvage

One of the most well known names in the cologne and perfume business, Dior has a range of unparalleled fragrances that redefine style and class. Eau Savage is one of the classics launched in the year 1966 that revolutionized the cologne industry. The jasmine aroma in the cologne was one of a kind back then, which continues to make a spot in the best men’s cologne of all-time list. 

  • Chanel Allure Homme

The sport version of Chabel Allure Homme is one of a kind that has made it to the list of the great tennis legend, Roger Federer’s wardrobe since years now. This cologne is everything that great sports cologne should have, giving an energetic, zippy and vibrant vibe. It is that cologne that all sports enthusiasts need to have in their gym bags or lockers to feel as fresh as ever. 

  • Tom Ford’s Fragrance Line

Being one of the biggest fashion icons ever, Tom Ford’s colognes are world famous and have the most unique fragrances. There are lot of ingredients like lemon, lavender, Sicilian and many more that are absolute classics. Be it a big gala event or even just spending a breezy day outside, this cologne will definitely add that extra bit of attraction to complete your look.

  • Davidoff 

As for the aquatic fragrances, Davidoff cool water is the best in town. It was launched in the year 1988 and still holds the ground strong when it comes to the best fragrances in the world. It was indeed a revolution when it was launched and continues to build its legacy. Till today, Davidoff like of fragrances are the best in the world. 

There are many great fragrances when you try to compile the list of the best men’s cologne of all time. But, the truly iconic ones are completely distinguished and have revolutionized the cologne industry for good. Choosing the right cologne is a matter of personal likings and choices. Make sure you choose the best among the list to create the best impression of you wherever you go!

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